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I take your point.

However, Starman, it's true I do despise Kiwi's despite living here, I was robbed by two for whom we opened up our house to after your spot of bother in ChCh, they made off with my children's clothes and a number of my wife's families pieces of jewellery. Were the police interested? No, they were more interested in making excuses for the people concerned telling me that they were probably traumatised. Imagine my surprise when WINZ told me they were interested in the bona fides of these Kiwis because they were claiming things to which they weren't entitled at my address. It wasn't an isolated incident either, I know a number of families who found themselves in a similar position. Kiwi's are the Mexicans of this side of the Pacific. Many leaving to go to Australia go because they are uneducated, have no skills and can eke out a living working on a building site labouring etc. Chur Bro!

Most Kiwis I meet are small minded and parochial having never been anywhere or done anything, even the 'professionally' qualified ones I work with, they are rude about each other and if they aren't engaging in domestic violence, getting drunk, taking P, reversing over their children on the driveway or generally fucking each other over in pursuit of the mighty $, then they are plotting to get out of the place to go to Australia so they can become an underclass there. The extent to which casual racism is acceptable here would shock most people from outside of NZ. I am not engaging in racism but commenting on my experience of dealing with Kiwis and the society they are from. Ask any Kiwi about Asians, pull up a chair and get yourselves a drink, because you'll be hit with some of the nastiest invective you've ever had the misfortune of hearing.

I live here because my contract is here, it stinks, it's dangerous, polluted, violent and underdeveloped. I'll be leaving ASAP, business class, as soon as my contract ends. I was shocked by what I found, I was shocked at the extent of lies told about NZ, by NZ'ers, to the world about their piece of Hobbity paradise. Rant over.

Gary Mitchell is the villain, I shall now live for the day when that Legion fellow is wrong.

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