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Re: TNG: The Persistence of Memory by David Mack Review Thread (Spoile

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This deep into the review thread, I don't think we need to use spoiler boxes anymore. There is a spoiler warning in the thread title, after all. And these subjects have been discussed in the clear earlier in the thread.
Heh, yeah, that's true. Looking back at that post, I did get a touch spoiler tag-happy.

Paper Moon wrote: View Post
It's a downer to lose Soong, as ambiguous as he is. Data finally would get a chance to know his father, but no. His return requires his father's sacrifice. So that's a downer.
But he has his father's memories within him now. That's a heck of a way to get to know someone.
A fair point, but still, as this novel went to great lengths to point out, a person is more than the collection of their memories.

Also, I know this is a bit selfish of me, but I wouldn't mind seeing Data get to know his father, through interaction and conversation. Maybe we'll get peeks into Data's thought processes, see him consult his father's memories, but I'm not optimistic.

Still, I definitely grant your point.

It's a downer for Soong's original replacement body for Data to have been destroyed by the Borg.
Why? His new one is better.
Sorry, it's a downer that it happened in the first place, because it meant that Soong had to give up his own body. All-in-all, everyone would've been happier if the original Data 2.0 body hadn't been destroyed.

It's also a downer that Data (appears) to have permanently lost his mother. (Though I recognize that the door is left open for her to reappear later. However, the conceit is that we're supposed to belief she's dead-dead-dead [as opposed to just dead-dead].)
Huh? You really, really need to reread the last page of the book.
Done. Yeah, I realize that Data believes that Vaslovik is still alive, and that he's gonna go looking for him, with the goal of learning how to revive Lal. But all Data says about his mother is that she was revived by Vaslovik sometime around '75. He says nothing about going to look for her, and if he thinks she is alive, he doesn't seem to care. (Which seems out of character for both Data and Soong, leading me to think he doesn't think she's alive.)

I just reread chapter 22 (where Soong visits the former location of Vaslovik's mansion). The way I'm reading it, Soong is deluding himself by not considering the possibility that either or both of them are dead. It's unclear if there is a limit to what Vaslovik/Flint/Akharin can actually withstand (could survive in a vacuum? As the target of a nuclear weapon? A direct shot with a quantum torpedo?), but let's assume he could survive anything, including the shockwaves of a quantum torpedo's impact. (Hey, he survived WWIII.)

Juliana may not be so lucky. As we have seen time and again (most obviously in Nemesis), android bodies are highly durable but are not indestructible. It seems very plausible to me that Vaslovik could've survived the wholesale destruction of his mansion at the hands of the Borg, but that Juliana['s body] could not.

(As for Soong's relief at not finding bodies, very simple: being so close to the epicenter of a Borg energy bolt, Juliana simply vaporized into all that much more dust. Akharin, on the other hand, being able to survive anything, survives and leaves.)

What am I missing, Christopher?
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