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Re: MLP:FiM S3E4 - "One Bad Apple" - Grading & Discussion

I loved it, but then I love the CMC, Applebloom in particular.

It was nice having a slightly deeper story than it might otherwise have bee, having Bads herself be a victim of bullying, seeing more of the blank flank treatment outside of Ponyville, her not only coming to terms with it but standing up to bullies was nice. Her little tail flick was both cute and troubling, a nervous tick developed from bullying is never good.

A lot of good character moments, Sweetie Belle about to manage magic, Scootaloo's never ending catalouge of weird faces, Applebloom's wardrobe. We finally get to see Rarity's folks house, and Sweetie Belle's room. Although Gold Blindbag Sweetie Belle was weird.

The float was a nice idea, Pinkie back to her old self again, edible float and all

Although I thought it was Derpy and the Doctor in the theatre, but found a screencap and it's Cloud Kicker.

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