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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

Two Borg Red Alerts today. I think I'm getting the hang of them - not a word spoken in chat, but I didn't die once and we finished the V'Ger knockoffs in under a minute. I don't like varying my build for a given situation, so I half-expect folk to yell at me for not healing, but my Grav Well seems good at keeping the Regeneration Probes tied up while escorts blow them to pieces. Debuffing is my game.

Also hit T2 Romulan rep. This time a bit unclear on where to trigger the cutscene - unlike "Hidden Camera", this one is inside the new daily you unlock instead of being needed to unlock it. Not as interesting as the previous one, but they seem to be going somewhere with it, anyway. Kinda wish Omega Force had a similar backstory element, just seems like th Borg are being Borg rather than having an actual plan... WHY did they assimilate Donatra? And why leave her in her old ship (albeit with Borg upgrades) when a Tac Cube or Unimatrix ship would be more potent? How come they haven't figured out where the Preserver Archive is and are still mucking about on Defera?
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