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Re: Is WB simply afraid of Wonder Woman?

Let's just call Asterix/Tintin Francophonic and leave it at that, eh?

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Asterix no, but I read Tintin as a kid. Although American culture is generally more available in Europe than French culture is in America.
Not as much as you'd think, which is what I'm getting at. There's certainly a lot of American pop culture that is widely disseminated and held as the standard (and you'll find that the biggest grossing films or most watched TV shows or whatever are almost invariably American), but that is not true of all American pop culture.

And American superheroes in particular have been more known here through their film adaptions and other media than through comic books.

Asterix and Tintin were pretty much the pervasive standard of comic books for me as a kid and while I didn't care much for Tintin I read Asterix religiously... as did many people my age, it's an enormously significant pop cultural touchstone in ways that pretty much any American superhero comic was not.

And sure, that might sound like the irrelevant rambling of some European. But it's important in that Hollywood is not looking exclusively to sell suphero movies to people who either know or care who these characters are, and also that I actually knew who Wonder Woman was unlike these other guys. That WB/DC would greenlight (ha ha) a Green Lantern movie prior to her says a fair bit, I think.
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