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Re: The Walking Dead Season 3

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i am interested to see how the rescue mission goes down. Will there be a distraction on one end, and Michonne and others swoop in for the rescue?
Andrea would have to be the key to some breakdown in internal security....not that anyone in their right mind should rely on that ass of a character. Then again, the Governor would never fully trust Andrea, so he likely has his thugs watch her for any signs of betrayal.

About the idea of a rescue mission: I just hope the fight does not go down with Rick's less than a handfull of able bodies taking on an entire town--or large group of armed guards (sans the three Michonne killed in ep. 6). Or Rick's group mount a resuce, only to have the episode be nothing more than a setup for another "shock" death, as in the case of T-Dog and Lori.
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