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Re: Is WB simply afraid of Wonder Woman?

Takeru wrote:
If they don't trust Wonder Woman to make Avengers money they really should give it a lower budget, just look at Arrow, it's a CW show so it probably has a budget of 20 dollars and a box of bubblegum for special effects.
NBC tried that. Didn't work out so good.

Greg Cox wrote: View Post
I doubt the Greco-Roman thing is an issue, given that Hollywood is perfectly comfortable green-lighting 300, Spartacus, Clash of the Titans, The Immortals, etc.
But none of those movies brought such characters into the present day. Marvel had the balls to try such a mashup with Thor; WB didn't with WW. A WW movie would be a challenge and risk with the best producers, which the WB isn't... though it's instructive to note that of the 12 Marvel Studios movies committed to so far, none have primarily starred a woman.

Also bear in mind this JLA movie has been in the works since '07 at least, when it was fully cast and almost put into production. But with one Nolan Bat-flick to go, the WB decided to produce Man of Steel and Green Lantern as a warm-up to a future JLA instead. So in addition to the female issue and the Greco-Roman issue, the JLA has been a factor in keeping WW offscreen. (The TV fiasco didn't exactly help, either.)
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