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Re: Stargate SG-1 - First time viewing of whole series

2x15-A Matter of Time: I liked this episode. It felt like a bottle episode which sometimes those can be hit/miss. This one was hit as I enjoyed the affect of how the Black Hole on the other world was having it's event horizon expanded through the Gate to affect the SGC and mountainside area. They tried to add in a little bit of character growth with the inclusion of Cromwell. A fellow soldier that served with O'Neill and apparently left him(unknowingly cause he thought he was dead). Cromwell want's forgiveness and dies helping O'Neill close the Gate. Good episode, I liked this.

2x16-The Fifth Race: I should've guessed that after a bottle episode one with more series weight was coming. This episode feels vitally important. It goes back to the "Alien UN" (I know a term not quite right now) but still, even the episode refers back to it as Earnest's Planet. We meet more representatives of the Asgardians (why didn't Thor tell them about what happened with the Gou'ald in the ep. Thors Chariot? These Asgardians seemed suprised to see Jack(altered with Ancients knowledge) when they saw a human. We got all 4 races now named for the "Alien UN": Asgardians, Nox, Ancients and something that started with an F I think? Anyway they were named and I expect maybe they will be seen sooner than later? The reveal here by the title is that Humanity has great potential. One could say it's why the Asgardians have been nurturing our planet for so long as based on the show's lore. So even though the knowledge is gone from Jack's head we still learned alot and it's stored via Jackson and the revelation of what an 8th Chevron can do. Apparently that takes you out side your galaxy. I'm curious where an 8th Chevron came from though? Our device only has 7 right? Or did one just dial twice? Also where would the new symbols come from? With so much else being new my thought was why would this series of symbols be on our device? That would be taking up lots of space plus we've gone to so many places already with our existing symbols. Is the device now not as important since the DHD is essentially a computer. It isn't relying strictly on what's etched onto the Gate.
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