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Re: Is WB simply afraid of Wonder Woman?

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It's baffling, though, how Hollywood executives still seem to remember the failures of Aeon Flux, Ultraviolet, and the like, but manage to ignore the successes of numerous female-led genre movies.
Not really. From Catwoman to Elektra to Columbiana, there've been as many if not more flops as modest successes, and none have been massive breakout hits a la Iron Man or Thor. The Resident Evil series has been chugging along decently, but it started out as a gamer-backed flick, and few female stars are as willing as Milla to become known as a primarily action/genre star. The Underwold series is another notable exception, but it too is very much a genre product, with little crossover/mainstream appeal.

Even if modestly budgeted along those lines, however, a Wonder Woman movie would attract a whole lot of free publicity/public interest, thereby creating significant pressure for it to do not just okay, but great. A WW movie doing Resident Evil-style business would almost certainly be seen as a disappointment.

Anyhow, if the JLA movie actually happens, WW is sure to be in it, so look to her reception there for prospects for any solo outing.
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