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Re: So we're undoing Indistinguishable from magic?

I really liked this book. It was well written with a compelling story. I could see Geordi ending up in the center seat like that. I also don't have an issue with him getting put back on the E, I mean it isn't unprecedented to take a position demotion in trek to be where you want (when given the option) just look at Spock. He was the 1701's captain (with the same rank) in TWK but when the 1701-A launched he was assigned as the first officer or Chekov who was first officer on reliant but back to security chief on the A. I could see Geordi wanting to stay on the E especially after loosing both Scotty and the Challenger as for character development it isn't like he's back in the engine room he's the 2nd officer now. I don't see such glaring continuity issues considering isnt anything that hasn't been done before. I hope that in the future this book gets referenced and that the writer doesn't get too discouraged it was a well written book.
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