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Re: Are there any canon books?

Posted by Cradok:
Posted by Blake:
Its just as much canon as the George Lucas Star Wars movie novel.
You mean the one that wasn't actually written by George Lucas, and was in fact ghost-written by Alan Dean Foster, yes?

That was the same period I was reading all of the Alan Dean Foster "Log series" TAS novelizations... And the same era when ADF ghost novelized the first Star Wars novelization...

My problem: I strongly suspected that ADF wrote the Star Wars book because it felt likt his style--and this was confirmed some years later... But, regarding the ST-TMP novelization, the whole book just didn't Feel like ADF's writing... And to this day I've read quite a few ADF books (virtually all of his Commonwealth series), including his novelizations of other films such as Darkstar, and I still can't believe that ADF novelized ST-TMP...
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