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Re: Federation Law of restricting cloaking device

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1) Since you do not seem to understand what a reference frame is, explaining this to you is pointless.
In other words, when you can explain it to me, you'll realize your mistake in thinking that photons which can only move at the speed of light in a vacuum can move faster than a superluminal ship. Speed of light in a vacuum is always the same across reference frames and because of that a ship traveling FTL will always outrun any photons it emits. If you could properly explain it, you would shoot down your own idea of a FTL ship being able to see forward with only LS sensors.

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2) This is the second time I have given you the benefit of the doubt and the second time I have become convinced that you are simply trolling in order to save face and no longer care what's being discussed anymore. I will be more careful in the future.
Look in the mirror. This is not the only time or thread (with me or anyone else) where I've seen you so fixated on winning your argument that you completely ignore any strand of logic. I won't call you a troll, though, since you appear to enter into these threads with the best of intentions. But you just don't know how to admit you've made a mistake.
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