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Re: Any old timers still around?

Geez, we must change that! I'll have 2 1/2 weeks off, starting with dec 13th. Prepare for a spam attack (i.e. 10 posts a day)

*checks old bookmarks*There used to be so many boards back then. I particularly miss Batboy's "Spacebar". I loved that place.
And there was "the land of Hoshi and Further", but it died before I even had a chance to register. Are Hoshi and Further still around? I didn't have much interaction with her, but Further was a Flaptain with me here and a bridge troll at TK.

And there used to be "motiveighT" by Shattered Harmonies. What became of him? I haven't seen him in years!

Btw, Bas' and Calli's SDG is still there. When Bas' boss wouldn't host it on his server anymore and Bas and Calli were bored by runnning a board, I rented some serverspace and have been hosting the board ever since. Precisely a decade, next week Since it's the third incarnation of SDG it's called SDG3 now and is members only, like a lounge here (to keep the spam bots out). There has been only 1 post this year, too (seems to be a trend ) but it's waiting to be resurrected one day. Maybe when we're all pensioned off and have more time for spamming again
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