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Re: Is WB simply afraid of Wonder Woman?

Well I doubt very seriously that DC wants WW to in anyway be compared to Xena. They would want the character taken more seriously than that.

The real issue is that DC/WB and Marvel for that matter, are not particularly confident in the ability of ANY of their female characters to successfully carry a film franchise. DC already struggles with main characters not named Superman or Batman. The feeling in Hollywood is that female superheroes simply do not have the built in audience that the male characters have.

At this point DC REALLY does not want a Wonder Woman movie to fail.

I think that the one thing that WW has going for her that most others do not is that she is one of the few standalone female super heroes whose success or failure is not linked to a male counterpart.

Supergirl, Powergirl, Batgirl, Batwoman, Catwoman, Huntress etc are all dependent on people buying into the world created for Batman or Superman.

As to the top 10 list, I agree with most of them. The thing is that many DC characters work best as part of a team. Conner Kent/Kon-El/Superboy is one of my favorite DC characters, but he works best when he is not alone...if only because it helps to play off the fact that he feels alone. Likewise, Aquaman could wok well, but I think he'd be better off proving himself in a JL movie first.
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