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Re: The Walking Dead Season 3

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I wasn't impressed with archery girl. Perhaps it was just to show that while Woodbury is secure some of the residents have gotten lazy? Rick's group have been the brink for so long, maybe the Woodbury people have lost their edge?
I think this was to show how "fake" Woodbury is. Their best shot can't really shoot. Their "death match" has the walkers relatively safe in chains.

Don't forget -- they kill people with significant skill (and potentially a threat). The Governor actively did it with the military guys. he then sent Merle & copmany to get Michonne.

if they're good fighters, but more important, smart enough to challenge the Governor's authority -- they are a threat.

The conflict betwene darryl and Merle won't just involve carol..but the Governor, too. Darryl is a good warrior -- but also threat to the Governor as well. He and Rick would be at the top of the hit lists.

i am interested to see how the rescue mission goes down. Will there be a distraction on one end, and Michonne and others swoop in for the rescue?
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