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Ian Keldon
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Is WB simply afraid of Wonder Woman?

I was bored and reading one of those "10" lists online and they did one called "10 Superheroes who don't need their own movie". They had WW on the list.

This is what they said about her:

When Warner Bros. turns down drafts that are as faithfully rendered as the Laeta Kalogridis draft and the Joss Whedon draft, it's time to admit that they are too scared of the overall iconography of Wonder Woman to ever successfully turn her into a standalone franchise hero. This is not a case of no one ever writing the right script. They've done that several times now. This is a case of a mythology that is inherent to the character that Warner Bros. simply can't imagine supporting a series. Wonder Woman has historically had a hard time in the comic market supporting her own title as well, and while she is definitely one of the most iconic and recognizable of DC's creations, it seems like the most successful versions are almost always defined by who she's with and how she fits into a team. We don't think it's impossible to make a good Wonder Woman movie, but if Warner is uncomfortable with everything that defines who she is and where she came from, then it's better they not make one at all than make one that redefines her so completely that she's no longer really Wonder Woman.

-Drew McWeeny
Agree? Disagree?

What would it be that they're afraid of? That she's a feminist icon? That she's heavily mixed up in Greek mythology? Hey, it worked for Hercules and Xena, so why NOT WW?
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