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Re: The Walking Dead Season 3

There's still lots of places to explore. I mentioned earlier in the thread that I'd like to see how the next generation of survivors handle things. And they can always explore what happened in different countries. It's interesting to think where the show will be in a few season's time.

As for this episode, I thought it was the weakest one so far. It seemed to be shuffling things around to get them in place ready for the mid-season break. Merle is really fun to watch, can't wait until he and Daryl are reunited. I imagine that Carol will be involved in a conflict between them.

Unfortunately the show's Facebook page spoiled that Maggie and Glen got captured.

I wasn't impressed with archery girl. Perhaps it was just to show that while Woodbury is secure some of the residents have gotten lazy? Rick's group have been the brink for so long, maybe the Woodbury people have lost their edge?

I don't think Andrea is playing the Governor, I think she's just been seduced by his charm and the surroundings.

I really loved the last shot when Michonne showed up with the baby formula.
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