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Re: Season TWO OFFICIAL TNG Blu-Ray Discussion Thread

Mr. Okuda is, also, known for making short cuts if they serve his needs, and then pointing that he is doing short cuts. I know of several Okudagrams where he did just that. The most glaring are the Okudagrams seen in the final episode of "Enterprise" where he stated,

Unreadable biographical text goes here. It would be telling us vital information about the handsome fellow pictured to the right, but let's face it: Writing all that up for every single person would take more time then I care to spend. In the end, it will be so small, no one will be able to read it. Instead, I will write sentences of sufficiently different lengths so that it looks like regular English usage. See how nice and short that last sence was? This will be a longer paragraph made up of several sentences, as if listing the many amazing accomplishments of the too-soon-departed Ensign Wallace: After all, Riker remembers him so fondly, he must have been a pretty terrific guy. I mean, sure, there were those rumors but Starfleet Investigative Services cleared him of any wrong doing. I wonder if this will be readable in Hi-Def? And this sentence will take us off the end of the page in such a way that it ends in the middle of a very important thought.
I am sure that Mr. Okuda is a nice guy, but he does take short cuts to get the job done. This is probably why he succeeds as well as he does in the corporate world.

Consistency is an issue with the first season blue rays as well. They fix or add okudagrams, while leaving others alone. They fix some registry errors, while leaving others alone. They fix production mistakes - items appearing in the episode that shouldn't be there, while leaving others alone. This is based on reading Observations at Ex-Astris-Scientia. It's frustrating that there isn't a higher level of consistency.
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