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Re: What games are you playing currently?

I become a member of a site where I can rent video games after my experience with Halo 4.

The first game I played was the latest Black Ops. The levels are short, and barely register. The strike force mission I played - defend a site in India - was an abject failure. I like the graphics, but if I can't play a game successfully because of design flaws, than the graphics aren't really that important, are they? I, also, didn't like the feeling that I was being railroaded into decisions and actions I would consider lacking in common sense and that exemplify why my character is a prime candidate for the Darwin award. For instance, what idiot would run a horse at full speed into the path of a tank?

I have lined up XCOM, Far Cry 3, and the complete Walking Dead video game. These games are highly rated, and there does seem to be some freedom given to the player to decide how they will play.
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