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Re: What are your top 5 technologies of the next 15 years?

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Outside of Europe, most cars are automatic/semi-automatic/manumatic, but many high-end cars (of many formats) in Europe are now semi-automatic/manumatic. Manual gearboxes won't be going anywhere for a while here, no, but things are still heading in that direction.

I resist such technologies because they do not benefit me. Call me selfish, but hey, at least I'm smart enough to drive safely without an electronic nanny doing it for me, unlike the target market of the autonomous car.
It would be correct to say that a lot of technology that exists on high-end cars eventually filters down to your average car. But a lot of that technology comes out of motorsports esp. Formula 1.

The question have things like ABS, Traction Control and all the other driver aids that are on modern cars made driving safer?

Though of course it is important that drivers understand what these things will and will not do.
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