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Re: IDW Star Trek Ongoing...

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-The Enterprise's bridge stations have 24th century LCARS display. Oddly enough, they did this in the Tribble story too.
IDW do this a lot. In one of their TOS comics from years ago, the entire desktop control surfaces on the Original Series Enterprise bridge were covered in Next Generation-style computer displays. It looked quite bizarre.

I'm guessing they Google or use whatever's available. Countdown, for example, used graphics from the Starfleet Command videogames on the Enterprise-E, which worked well. And Nero's maps of Federation space in his Rura Penthe cell were from the 1980 Star Trek Maps (I absolutely loved seeing them! They even had correct locations for an escape from Klingon space and a trip to Vulcan)

I guess it's about how much of a Trekkie the artist is as to how well it works for us die-hards.
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