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Re: teacake does Stargate: punch it


What a lovely looking sociopath. He has an almost Hitler like face. He is despicable.

O'NEILL: Does it bother you at all that they use Goa'ulds like this?
O'NEILL: ..Okay.
MALEK: The Goa'uld have done no worse than this to humans for centuries. That the Pangarans can use them for a beneficial result is surprising, but not morally objectionable to me, if that's what you mean.

da dum da dum...

TEGAR: I am sympathetic to the Tok'ra, but what you are asking of us would amount to a holocaust.
MALEK (irate): She is a sentient being. Using her in this manner is an insult to her very existence!

OMG what an absolute lunatic!! What, are the Goa'uld not sentient beings? This guy is just, oh cool enslaving Goa'uld and killing them for medicine, clever idea.. but wait, not MY kind of Goa'uld!

What .. just ...

Too bad he's so cute.

I really like the Tok'ra as an interesting people. Their secrecy and history, their strength and weaknesses in being an isolationist and ideological group over a thousand years. Very well used in Stargate to tell some good stories.

You and Hitler oughta get together
You oughta learn to knit and wear matching sweaters
Janeway does Melbourne
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