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Re: Star Trek A To Z

A is for Andromeda Galaxy. Home of the Kelvans.
B is for Barry Waddle, the identity assumed by Klingon agent Arne Darvin during his time being stranded in Cardassian space.
C is for Caitians. Pussies.
D is for Denevan neural parasite. Plastic flying vomit with a bite.
E is for Eminiar. Home of Anan 7. Dick.
F is for Farragut, the name of at least two Federation of which James T. Kirk served on as a newly graduated lieutenant and the other which ferried Enterprise-D survivors away from Veridian III after Kirk's death.
G is for Grup. Slang for Grown-up on another Earth.
H is for Herbert. Derogatory 23th Century hippy slang term.
I is for Ishka, widow of Keldar and the mother of Quark and Rom.
J is for James T. Kirk. God Slayer.
K is for Kirk, George.
L is for Locutus of Borg.
M is for mobsters from "A Piece of the Action". Picard and co. should have showed up to collect the UFP's cut.
N is for Nanotechnology, something Earth and the Federation had largely mastered by the late 24th century.
O is for O'Brien. Mystical Starfleet engineer.
P is for Pergium.
Q is for Quantum Discriminator.
R is for Redjac.
S is for Stonn. Proof even Vulcan men can be whipped.
T is for T'Pring. Proof that Vulcan women can have balls.
U is for Uhura's tremendous thighs.
V is for Vanna and her tremendous thighs.
W is for World War II, an alternate timeline version of which Jonathan Archer and his NX-01 crew were thrown back to.
X is for Xenophobia. A syndrome that can cause you to get your ass kicked while visiting an alien world.
Y is for "You Klingon bastard!"
Z is for Zany. Trelane's antics were this even if they were dangerous.
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