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Re: The Walking Dead Season 3

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But... that is exactly what this show is. The drama of trying to survive in an otherwise hopeless world. There are no large, safe, scientific cultures left (that we know of), and certainly none that have the training or resources to work on finding a cure. It's 100% survival for the sake of surviving. The last person qualified to tell us whether or not there is a cure died in the first season, and the only news he had worth reporting is that everyone is a zombie already anyway; they just didn't know it yet.

If anything, the end game of this show is the witnessing of the end of the human race. Changing that in any way would turn it into something completely different.
Not necessarily. The show can be about something other than the last humans killing each other off, and still not be about a cure. There's any number of story possibilities that don't end with Rick's group getting turned out of their latest home and going on the road again. Or getting devoured to the last man.

They keep talking about how Carl is the hope for the future, and Baby Ass-Kicker, and so on, but there's no way those characters will survive to grow up at this rate.

You refer to the characters "surviving" or "enduring", so let's see a situation where they might actually be able to survive. If they never had a chance, you can't say the show is about survival.

So, will the last episode see everyone dying, Rick turning his gun on himself, and the screen fading to black while the walkers close in? If so, why watch?
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