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Re: Movie Caption Contest #226: Talking Points

- then Smokey wrecked his sedan and the Bandit got away Scot free!

Sir, the tactical situation -

Scot free, Joachim!

Hawk: In this situation, a Klingon would welcome battle with a shout of success - Q'Plahs-a-mundo! Aaaaay!

Picard: And then he would rust his diaper!

Worf: I will -

Picard: Yes, you will kill us where we stand if we were any other men. Boring!

Data, are you trying to pick my pocket? We don't carry money in the 24th century.

No sir. I was looking for a Henway, sir.

What's a Henway?

The Ambassador from Lilliputia IV, sir.

I...don't believe you.

<Data walks off, whistling nonchalantly>

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