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Re: Stories you would have told in season seven

An alien race revive Stadi who has been dead in a frozen tube in sickbay for 6 years. She and Tal Celes take over Harry and Tom's positions as they have both died at the end of Season 6 in a holodeck accident (the record of which is sealed by Janeway to spare their families humiliation).

Chakotay dies in his sleep from brain chiggers in the third episode. In keeping with her tradition of taking the enemy and turning them into her first officer Janeway pulls the blonde Equinox woman off conduit scrubbing duty and installs her as her Number One. It is STRONGLY suggested that blonde Equinox woman and Tal Celes are having an affair.

Janeway steals a piece of holoemitter from the ship and permanently installs Michael Sullivan in her quarters. He deactivates if anyone else enters and also if she has a headache.

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