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Re: Are there any canon books?

Posted by ecky:
^ no its not. in the trek universe only that shown on screen is canon, if you have an issue with that i suggest you kindly inform paramount as its their rules.
I wouldn't necessarily call it a rule, they just don't take into account events that take place in novels when writing the scripts for the stories. I imagine it has more to do with ease of keeping up with their information, sticking to the Hundreds of hours of film rather than the hundreds of hours of film plus the hundreds of thousands of words in print.

I imagine it's also for the ease of the viewership who don't read the novels. Does anyone remember Ghostwriter ? I used to watch it sometimes with my younger brother. It would irk me when you would watch the whole show and then at the end you would have to go buy one of their books to finish the story in the episode. By keeping the series separate from the novels, they ensure that the major points of the stories and the characters are easily followable for the characters. Not exactly the same situation, but this exageration is a good example.

But what about Star Wars you say? Well, they don't have the volume of footage that Star Trek does, making six movies more easily digestible. The novels never contradict the movies because there are only six stories to tell (mind you I'm counting the forthcoming episode 3 in this number), so depending on what mood Lucas is in the stories can have moderately free range to complete the "saga" of these characters.


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