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Re: Star Wars Episode 7 - 2015

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No Daniel Craig's Bond is a full Reboot! That one is really obvious. See this proves my point!
Soft reboot. The movies are based in the idea that Bond is a code name and new people take the name. The previous Bond movies were about his predecessors.
No. That has never been the truth. Or for some reason Roger Moore's Bond was mourning the death of George Lazenby's Bond's wife. And Timothy Dalton's Bond hadn't gotten over the death of the same woman, whom he never met.

All of the actors have been playing the same character.

Your theory is a fan theory.

But, you are right, Casino Royale was a soft reboot.

Now, I haven't seen Skyfall yet--don't know if that contradicts my theory.
As someone else said. It does.
Can't wait to see it; just haven't had the time yet.

One thing that I would love the franchise to do, though, is an actual hard reboot. Set a new series up as period pieces, set in the fifties and sixties like the novels.
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