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Re: Age old discussion, Star Trek vs. Star Wars

I agree the war between Star Trek and Star Wars is silly, but in this thread I don't think anybody is bashing Star Trek or Star Wars. We're having a more friendly debate about it than most geeks are stereotypically capable of.

I don't think both starting with 'Star' is the reason they are compared. They are the two most loved and obsessed-over science fiction franchises in the world and they've both gone through several phases of completely different creative approaches. Gene Roddenberry's version of Star Trek versus Ron Moore's versus Rick Berman's, or 1970s George Lucas vs 1990s George Lucas vs Disney vs all the novel and video game writers aiming at a far higher age range than Lucas ever wanted to. Star Trek isn't all the same Star Trek and Star Wars isn't all the same Star Wars.

Out of all I prefer Ron Moore's Star Trek first and 1970's George Lucas Star Wars second.
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