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Re: Stories you would have told in season seven

1. The secret love affair of Sam Wildman and Neelix.

2. What ever became of the equinox 5?

3. Seven becomes addicted to Chakotay's holoPeote, I mean she's in there looking for her spirit animal guide like everyone else, and then she says "This is a collective. gosh. This is a collective: AND IT FEELS SOOOOOO GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD."

4. Naomi takes her entrance exams to Starfleet academy.

5. Seska who is still passing for a Bajoran travels forward in time, and the present day crew have to keep their lips tight about what a bitch she is as they try to send her back without disrupting the timeline pretending that nothing bad happened to her and that they never figured out that she was a spy.


7. The culling of Fairhaven. just have some lowerdecks psychos hade in their with flame throwers and fragmentation weapons, then reset the program and go home fr the night. I fust want to see them pickled Irishmen running through the burning streets as Delta Flyers straif the village square and even the schools.

8 Harry falls in love with pregnant B'Elanna and has to shut his dirty face before some one punches him till he stops breathing.

9 Tuvok does kung Fu. I saw him judoflip some nasty bugger once in gravity because he didn't have a gun, but he's three times stronger and 5 times faster than a human being yet he keeps order by moving his eyebrow with menace. I just want to see him punch through someones chest. If in Caretaker there were kazon with missing hearts, I don't think that they would have followed Voyager so closely for the next two years.

10. Janeway is seduced well by a mere crewman upending all her idiot ideas about how she's better than her crew (sexually).
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