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Re: The Walking Dead Season 3

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What is the point to the show? The Endgame as it may be? Voyager got to Earth, Galactica got to Earth (and some livable planet with genetically compatible natives), Clark became Superman. How can this show end?
The same way every other series of modern Star Trek ends. The same way every other variation of Superman ends. The same way the vast majority of series end.

Zombies are just a natural part of this world now. The show is seeing how these characters survive in this new world. Plain and simple.
I'm guessing he's asking what is the point if there's no true resolution to the story. If the zombie problem just goes on and on, while the living are on the run and/or hiding, it risks moving in a circle, with the usual zombie attacks, the usual survivor conflicts to the point where it becomes a true soap opera.

TV series like The Fugitive could have run for more seasons (for those who doubt it, in real life, fugitives can be on the run for decades), but a resolution was reached sooner than later, otherwise it would become stuck in repeat mode. Richard Kimble arrives, he gets involved, he's almost caught, he's captured, then escapes, he's still searching. That could have been milked for at least another three years...

I really enjoy TWD, but I also acknowledge why the original Night of the Living Dead was such a revolutionary chapter of that sub-genre, and retains its legendary place: it was not just the zombies and the human conflict, but protagonists ultimately had a fixed fate, and the drama of a dramatic ending. Neverending shows lose out on that luxury, and after a time, seem to exist for the sake of it (and/or to make money while the property has earning strength).
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