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Re: Ancient Aliens

TIN_MAN, what sort of reply do you honestly expect to get from a post like that? Or were you even thinking that far ahead? I reserve judgement so far on what your intentions are in even continuing this discussion...

But then you post things like this:

TIN_MAN wrote: View Post
in any case, it’s not my job to spoon-feed you information, go do your own research!
And yet you accuse me of not understanding your position! Heck. You don’t even understand your own position from one post to the next!
... and the entire rest of your incredibly long post comes into focus.

You have spent at least four posts now pushing the position that Egyptology is an intellectually bankrupt field, that a narrow (or broad?) majority of Egyptologists are self-interested charlatans who are so dogmatic and elitist that they cannot accept contradictory evidence even when it's staring them straight in the face. You have every right to believe this, and you have ever right to state this opinion publicly.

That does not mean that this opinion is worthy of anyone's respect. In my case, you have all but guaranteed that it isn't. Apart from the fact I find your blanket denouncement of an entire class of professional scientists vaguely insulting, you have missed no opportunity to question MY intelligence or to dismiss my questions out of hand, simply because I either had the audacity to disagree with you or to assume a position that doesn't easily reduce to your strawman of the moment.

Are you under the delusion that you're progressing towards any particular goal? I cannot now imagine what that might be. You haven't accomplished much except to present yourself and your beliefs on the nature of mainstream science in the worst possible light. And if you -- who spent two pages denouncing archeologists everywhere as narrow-minded hacks -- are the kind of person who finds Schochs to be such a credible source, then you have not merely painted YOURSELF as a pompous ass, you've also seriously damaged Schoch's credibility as well.

And you wonder why scientists of all fields are so dismissive of outsiders? The fact is they're not. They're dismissive of intellectually lazy, self-important amrchair scientists who have convinced themselves that they know better than archeologists how to do archeology. IOW, they're not averse to collaborating with outsiders, they are averse to collaborating with people like you.
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