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Re: Visual continuity/Same future, different eyes

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Vulcan gyro ships.
What about Federation ships that split into three parts which can be remote-controlled? Or future-ships with Batmobile armour? Or Klingon ships with kewl but utterly pointless moving wings?
Vulcan now mere minutes away (gee, that sure increases suspense).
You mean like when Romulan Neutral Zone was a tiny warp-hop from Earth in First Contact?
Nor do I have any any serious problems
with any Trek incarnation except for Nu-Trek.
It's fine not to like the new version, but I think you're looking at "old" Trek through a vasalene lens of scientific plausability and smooth continuity.
It's spelled Vaseline (a trade name), and I entirely agree that every instance you cite is #&$#%, too.

What's wrong with scientific plausability? I thought it was science fiction? I have no problems with fantasy. And again, a lot of current science has to be set aside just to get warp travel, besides other gadgetry.

But I still don't get to resistance to actual science. What, Picard (if we ever see him again) may say, "Data, creationism is yet another theory, and it could be that fossils were placed upon earth by our creator to confound us even now"?

I take back my calling it Nu-Trek. It's Tea Party Trek. Got a wacky vision divorced from all science? Plug it in! It's all good!
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