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Re: Federation: First 150 Years - David Goodman Interview

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Exactly. If I'm gonna buy an official Trek history, I expect it to be true to that history. The minute you start saying, "Well that bit of Trek doesn't count" (in this case, the entire first three seasons and first 2 episodes of the fourth season of Enterprise!), you're very much NOT being true to canon Trek. It's a variation of the old "Enterprise is an alternate universe blah blah" thing.

The novels do a masterful job of making it seem as though everything in TV/film Trek "happened" They tie it all together and for the most part hide the seams really well. If this project can't do the same, I might as well read these fan manuals instead, which essentially are the same but ignore the entirety of Enterprise and use a mishmash pre-TOS history from the old Spaceflight Chronology and old Treknical fanzines instead.

Of course, I may be overreacting somewhat. Hopefully he just meant that the TCW wouldn't have been common knowledge, or known to the books' in-universe writer, or something.
I agree with you, I didn't cherry pick what I liked and what I didn't so I didn't disregard the TCW - it's in the book, but given the fact that when the book is supposed to have been written (2311) we wouldn't have the full accounting of it because it won't be until the 31st Century that we would know what it is really about. Looking at my quote, what I meant to say (and didn't) was that there's no definitive answer on what it is, so I didn't spend a lot of time on it.
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