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Re: What do you want to see in TAS Remastered?

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I love a good animation discussion!
...and here of all places!

You're thinking of the work of Maurice Noble in the 50s, which is most certainly not influenced by UPA, nor lazy in any sense of the word. It's overwhelmingly celebrated in the animation world (and some would say far too often imitated).
It has also been described as pretentious--when directors/animators become too self aware of the then-"new direction" the work was taking. Also, it is important to note that certain social ideology of the period played a part in the celebration of that work, as opposed to earlier efforts of MGM (for one example) which did not need interpretation or commentary to be successful to a mass theatre audience hungry for more.

On the subject of replacing the original animation in the Star Trek Animated Series... I can't say I feel strongly one way or the other. Part of the charm of the series is it's junky limited look, which feels right at home with the storytelling style utilized. On the other hand, being open to new interpretations can sometimes bring surprisingly great results.
Then CBS should prove their own creative abilities by producing an all-new animated series. Be brave and take that chance, as "Remastering" or any form of tinkering with the original just smells of trying to gain from the creative labors/cultural effects generated by others.
I'm all for an all-new animated series. But it doesn't change the fact that for a long time I've felt the animation of TAS needs to be redone. I love the planetscape backgrounds and the design work put into it... but the animation is pretty piss-poor.

Putting TAS on Blu-ray, as-is, simply isn't going to be much of an upgrade. The animation is so simple, I doubt we're really missing any significant details watching the DVD's.
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