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Re: IDW Star Trek Ongoing...

Part 1 of the Mirror Universe story was pretty good, even if it feels like a retread of Enterprise's MU two-parter. I'ma bit annoyed at how Nero's presence is just glossed over. This should be huge. Where did he come from? Is he from the traditional MU, and is there a chance that MU Nimoy Spock could show up?

Artwork goofs, however:
-The aforementioned TMP-TUC Constitution design being on page 1, which is set in the main Abramsverse.
-Page 3 which features a drawing of Scotty Prime has him wearing an Abramsverse uniform.
-The Enterprise's registry number is NCC-1701-D.
-The Enterprise's bridge stations have 24th century LCARS display. Oddly enough, they did this in the Tribble story too.
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