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Re: Why no comment on the number of human species?

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If that was their intent. But if the preserver's desire was to establish an intelligent species upon a world that had none, and they were somewhat limited in the numbers people (and goods) they could move, then relocating a primitive hunter/gather people would make more sense than relocating a somewhat more advance people, like those who existed elsewhere on Earth at the same time period.
That's a very antiquated and misinformed perception of the Native Americans. Spock said that Miramanee's people were based on a mix of Delaware (i.e. Lenape), Navajo, and "Mohicans" (by which he must've meant Mahican or Mohegan, unless James Fenimore Cooper's novels take place in the Trek universe). None of those were hunter-gatherer peoples at the time of European contact. The Lenape were farmers; the Mahican and other Algonquians had a seasonal economy including horticulture or farming as well as hunting and fishing. The Navajo had adopted farming from the Pueblo peoples. And they all engaged in the extensive trade network that linked them with the great population centers like Cahokia and the Pueblos. But it was because of their active trade network that the diseases brought by early European settlers and traders were able to spread so far ahead of European settlement, killing 90 percent or more of the population of the Americas. The survivors retreated from their population centers into smaller, more nomadic communities in order to avoid the plagues, and formerly developed lands fell fallow and grew wild again. Then the Europeans finally got there and falsely assumed the lands had always been wild and the indigenous people were "primitives." And sadly that myth persists to this day.
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