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Re: TOS Enterprise WIP

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"But I don't agree you can safely assume that it produces materials essential for nuclear fusion... lithium for the warp engines, yes, but nuclear power, not enough evidence."
In our real life approach towards nuclear fusion reactors that work nuclear scientists consider "cracked lithium" would be an essential ingredient. This is not science fiction, but science fact. I'm simply amazed that back in 1965 the producers of Star Trek became aware of it and put it into the show. Admittedly it somehow transformed from a real nuclear fusion reactor ingredient to lithium in "Mudd's Women" and finally dilithium, so the original science fact intention got confused and eventually lost.

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"I am curious though, how did you arrange the 22 decks (minimum) of the ENT Defiant?"
Obviously the scriptwriters didn't show up for their FJ detox as this would be a deck below the Hangar Deck according to the FJ plans. But since this statement comes from a blue alien slave of the Gorn, these scavengers have apparently interpreted the deck arrangement of the ship differently than an original crew member of the Defiant would have.

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