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Re: Most unjustly hated episode

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Nobody ever did funnier clip shows than XENA . . ..
I was just thinking this the other day. I'm re-watching Hercules/Xena for the first time since it aired and I thought that season 1 Xena episode about the Greek Bard Academy was utterly hilarious for a clip episode.
"Athens City Academy of Performing Bards."

That one was good, too. Especially since they managed to work in clips from "Spartacus" and some old Italian sword-and-sandal epic, too!

That was also the episode that made it absolutely clear that XENA, as a show, had no intention of staying true to history. When you have Homer (in ancient Greece) telling Gabby the inspiring story of Spartacus, which took place about a thousand years later, you know that actual history is no match for XENA!
Yeah, that's it. Well Hercules and Xena both departed from history and even mythological history rather early on, but it's fun stuff. And the way the clips were creatively interpreted was hilarious and I like the concept of a clip episode that made fun of itself.
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