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Re: Star Wars: The Old Republic anticipation thread.

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Honestly, I don't see what the problem is. "enforcing a penalty" is a pretty common phrase in the corporate lexicon. It's used in sports and board games.
Yeah. For breaking rules.
I don't consider not paying to be any kind of rulebreaking activity but that's exactly what they make it sound like with this type of terminology.

It is a clear and concise semantic choice. It sounds more like you're giving yourself an excuse not to pay.
It was just an example for showing EA's general customer relationship philosophy.
My main reason is that the F2P model is too restrictive.

I'm surprised they're even doing it at all. Several games that have gone F2P in the past pretty much just allow you access to whatever character was in the first slot the last time you logged out. If you want to play any of the others, you were SOL unless you payed. This way, players are at least given the chance to get their houses in order and choose which characters they want to keep.
Well, in STO you can just keep all of your characters if you switch from gold status to silver.
Your bank and inventory space doesn't suddenly shrink either.
Everything you have earned while being subscribed is yours to keep.
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