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Re: Viper Mk III (mild B&C spoilers)

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How do we know it is a MK3 Viper? Was it mentioned on screen? How do we know its not a MK2 variant.
Yeah, in the last episode of B&C the lady commander refered to them as the "new mark 3's"

Oh, and I checked, and the tail number on the Mk. II Viper that Adama crashed in the Razor minisodes did not have the same tail number as the Mk. II Viper he said in the pilot that he flew during the war, which was 7242NC:

The question I had was that Adama said in the pilot that the restored for him, 7242NC was the Viper he "flew during the war"...but the Viper he crashed in the Razer flashbacks was a different one - and (if it had been 7242NC - which it wasn't anwyay) he bailed out of that Viper at a pretty high altitude...likely it was flattened beyond repair on impact. And those flashbacks took place at the very, very end of the war - in fact, shortly after Adama crashed that Viper, the Cylon's surrendered - so there was no more time in the war left for him to be reassigned another Viper and fly it during the war.

But I dunno...maybe he flew 7242NC during the war for a long time...but for some reason he was in a different Viper in the Razor flashbacks...maybe 7242NC was damaged and during that battle he flew a different Viper.

What's weird about B&C is that so far we've *only* seen MK. III's...and I'll bet if Adam is given a Viper in (or at the end of) B&C it will be a Mk. III...(in fact there's a scence in the trailer for B&C that looks like that's exactly what happens...)

It's just not very consistent. But then again, liek I said, there have been some inconsistancies before about what Viper Adama flew during the war, so...

(But at least the makers of B&C remembered that Adama said that he flew a Raptor too during the war...)
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