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Re: Any old timers still around?

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What an unexpected pleasure! Welcome back, biotech!!!!!

Gagh, of course you count! Who could resist the Klingon national dish!

Loki, thanks for the update. I haven't seen Bobby in ages. Is he still around?
I had no idea of mm having given up the board. I just noticed that she stopped posting. I don't go there much and I never post at the minefield. I guess that's why I didn't see you there yet. Is there a regular TK chat evening or is it at random intervals?
I'm not sure whether to offer my congratulations or commiserations at you getting REFCL. Running a board and keeping it alive, active and bug-free is quite a challenge. (I've been tech admining bords myself for exactly a decade now.)

What happened to the not-so-nice people nobody has asked about yet? (now, why, I wonder? ) Barcode, Blooded, Castek, Che, Jethro, Lighter, RedWhacker and RobL come to mind but I am sure if we try really hard we can come up with more names.
So, who are you then?
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