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Re: teacake does Stargate: punch it

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Also notice on the wall behing the Tok'ra's throne (and above him in that picture) a bat'leth is hanging.
WOW. Thanks for pointing that out
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"Sometime after Young left again, the real Telford paid her a visit, but it is unknown what Telford's intentions were. (SGU: "Earth") A few months later, she asked for a divorce from Colonel Everett Young. (SGU: "Trial and Error") "

"When Young came back for another visit, Emily was more sympathetic with his situation and even had sexual intercourse with him while he was in Col. Telford's body. It is strongly implied that she is having an affair with Telford - as himself, not containing her husband's consciousness - herself."

I thought it was pretty obvious.
Who are you quoting? It was a red herring. The cliffhanger of Earth made it look that way, but we learn in Life that he wasn't pretending to be Young at all, he was filling her head with crap about TJ and ruining their relationship as means of retribution under the guise of being a concerned friend involved in the whole Destiny mess. I suppose it's possible that she was lying, but Emily does state outright "...and I didn't sleep with him by the way, but thanks for not jumping to conclusions." when she was explaining to him what was actually happening.
I'm quoting stargate wiki and the wikipedia page on the character.

I figured she was either out and out lying to Young about not sleeping with him or pulling a Clinton.

However yes I realize it's open to interpretation.

Telford is still icky.
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I like Jonas 10,000 X better than Daniel who was annoying the crap out of me. don't...?

Aw, screw it. You're entitled to your own wrong opinion.
I'd probably like Daniel just fine IRL but there's a mopeyness about him that was irritating. I'm enjoying the fresh new person with interesting elements though have yet to really explore it. Having Jonas read and memorize every bit of work Daniel ever did is lame, I'm hoping they don't just slot him into Daniel's place as resident old stuff expert. Give him his own strengths.

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