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Re: Star Wars: The Old Republic anticipation thread.

Ayelbourne wrote: View Post

That's an interesting choice of words.
I for one do not appreciate being spoken to like a fellon just because I'm not paying for the game.
Potential customers should be welcomed with open arms, not punished on every turn for not having payed yet.

So, as I said, no money from me, even though I'd like to.
It's the only way EA might learn from this.
Honestly, I don't see what the problem is. "enforcing a penalty" is a pretty common phrase in the corporate lexicon. It's used in sports and board games. It is also used within the game to describe various game mechanics in tool tips.

It is a clear and concise semantic choice. It sounds more like you're giving yourself an excuse not to pay.

I'm surprised they're even doing it at all. Several games that have gone F2P in the past pretty much just allow you access to whatever character was in the first slot the last time you logged out. If you want to play any of the others, you were SOL unless you payed. This way, players are at least given the chance to get their houses in order and choose which characters they want to keep.

J. Allen wrote: View Post
Also, I think I may use my second character slot for a Smuggler. It just sounds like fun!
They are IMO the most fun class in the game. (I have four!) For one, kicking guys in their man-parts just never gets old.

I'm more of a scoundrel guy. Tried slinger once, but just found it to be too static. The DPS is nice; it's just too dull for me. Plus, shotgun = fun!

Also, if you want to heal, Sawbones is currently the best heal spec. It has an epic HoT, outstanding survivability, and pretty much infinite resources. Though its AoE is the weakest of the three.

Unfortunately, scrappers have been nerfed hard twice. They've gone from top DPS to second from the bottom. But for some of us, they're such a great source of endless fun (and trolling ability) that we just don't care.

There have been a few cosmetic changes first was the giggle that sounded when your proc was up. Not only was it awesome, it was easily to hear. The sound they replaced it with is short and really quiet and is easily drowned out by background noise. Then with the F2P patch, they replace the shotgun model with one that looks like a plastic toy that was best left in the Hasbro basement.

The third spec, dirty fighting, isn't even worth mentioning. It's fundamentally broken and needs to be completely overhauled. Ironically, it's the one both scoundrels and slingers share and it doesn't work for either of them.

FWIW though, the one caveat here is, since you're limited to characters, you might want to try an Agent instead. You lose the kick to the junk (and the shotgun if you go Op), but the gameplay is otherwise identical. However, Agent story is by far the best in the game. (You'll find few who disagree.) Some have even deemed it the best story BW has ever written. I'm not ready to go that far--simply because they have so many great ones, but it's definitely worth the experience.
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