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Re: Star Trek Author's black list?

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It's a shame that quality of the writing seems to be a secondary factor in deciding who gets to write tie-in fiction. Even more of a shame that how well you get along with somebody factors into that decision.
Well, having been an editor of a professional journal, I used to work with about ten writers at a time, most of them teachers. Some had many writing credits to their name, others had absolutely none. Some were very excited; others felt like they'd been forced into writing. Some contributors were professional writers, and had high (or low) expectations of working with an inexperienced editor. Every writer had their quirks and each editing experience would be quite different.

There was nothing worse than when an article would arrive that was nothing like what you were expecting. Or would need a huge overhaul. But certainly, when deadlines were looming, and advertisers were panicking that an issue might be delayed due to some complication with a lead article... it would become very obvious which writers you'd want to work with again, given the opportunity. But that could also be a very personal thing. Some people are destined to clash, no matter their respective skills, dilligence and talents.

"Quality of the writing" is just one of many, many factors.
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