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Re: NFL 2012 - Drive to Glory

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What a game from Kaepernick, but Aldon Smith is a stud. Hell, both Smith's brought it tonight and it was a thing of beauty. Great win for the 49ers, and I do think after last week's "effort" they were pissed and took it out tonight on MNF. I did not see this coming but it was fun to watch.
Did ANYBODY see this coming from Kaepernick?
Now there is so much talk about who should be the QB on Sunday, Smith or Kaepernick and my thought is, what an awesome problem to have. I think you go back to Smith if he's healthy, but you have depth at the QB position if he isn't and Concussions should be dealt with seriously. It will be interesting to see where the niners go from here, but of course Harbaugh wasn't going to say who the QB is for Sunday because they're playing the Saints.
Eh, I don't subscribe to the "you don't lose your starting job because of injury" line of thought. You start whomever gives you the best chance to win. Kaepernick shredded a defense that had been pretty rock-solid this year (seriously, he just abused Major Wright all night long, and Tillman was just getting clowned on every passing down) and he pretty clearly has the team around him, as opposed to Smith, who still has his opponents within the team. Start Kaepernick until he fucks up.

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Yeah, the competition committee's going to be taking a look at that rule this offseason.
Turns out I was wrong, the competition committee isn't waiting 'til the offseason to address this; the rule may be revised or rescinded as early as next week.
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