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Re: Describe if you will, a "real" Star Trek battle...

I think to some extent computers are always leveraged during combat. They automatically put up shields and buys the crew time to react to the emergency.

From "Errand of Mercy":
SULU: Captain, the automatic deflector screen just popped on. Body approaching.
KIRK: Configuration, Mister Sulu.
(Enterprise struck almost immediately by torpedo like objects)
KIRK: Phaser banks, lock on. Return fire. Maintain firing rate. One hundred percent dispersal pattern.
(Enterprise trades fire with Klingon ship)
SPOCK: We've hit him, Captain. He's hurt.
KIRK: Damage control, report to the first officer.
SULU: Captain, the other ship doesn't register. Only drifting debris. We got him.
From "Arena"
KIRK: Then we've got them. Go to Red Alert. Prepare to fire phaser banks. Sensors, lock on. Mister Sulu, continue closing.
Mister Spock, lock phasers into computer. Computers will control attack.
SPOCK: Computer lock ready, Captain. All systems standing by.
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