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Re: IDW Star Trek Ongoing...

I can write off that the nu-Mirror-universe Enterprise looks like the 1701-A due to it being an alternate timeline. And I can easily disregard that the nu-1701 looks like it as an error.

But I have to admit, the ship is just plain drawn inconsistently. On page 19, the hull says NCC-1701-D on it, but the "D" is then gone on page 22. On page 15 the nacelle struts have extra angles to them and the nacelles themselves are rectangular but curved, but on page 22, they're all back to looking exactly like the 1701-A.

I'm totally cool with the nu-Mirror Enterprise being a unique design designated 1701-D... originally I simply figured this mirror universe went through their Enterprises a lot faster, which works for a warlike culture. But that last page pretty much throws all that out the window, and gives me the feeling that the artist was using the 1701-A as a reference but simply never drew it the same way twice.

I did enjoy the story itself, and I'm glad it's not a straight-up adaptation of "Mirror, Mirror." It feels a little similar to the "Mirror Images" mini-series IDW back in 2008, but that's kind of inevitable given the nature of the characters. All in all i enjoyed it, although perhaps not as much as the previous six issues or so.
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