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Re: Star Trek: Republic (Book II: Ties of Blood)

Note #1: The Boreth-class Attack Cruiser is from Ex Astris Scientia. It was the immediate predecessor of the Vor'cha-class.
Note #2: I have never liked how the writers dealt with Kurn in the DS9 episode Sons of Morgh. I have retconned the entire idea of Worf erasing Kurn's memory away. Instead, Kurn was convinced to train Worf's son Alexander on Earth . . . which led to his enlistment in the Klingon Defense Forces during the Dominion War. Kurn returned to the Empire alongside Alexander in disguise, serving as a Warrior aboard Martok's flagship. Martok was aware of Kurn's true identity and he concealed the presence of the Warrior from Gowron, and after Martok became Chancellor restored Kurn's honor.
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