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Re: Star Trek: Republic (Book II: Ties of Blood)

Worf stood beside one of the few windows on the Imperial Klingon Battlecruiser K’mpec, watching as the stars streaked by. He wore a Starfleet uniform, and his hands were clasped behind his back as gazed into infinity.

“Your evaluation, Commander?” he asked.

A snort of Klingon laughter came from behind him. “Had the Chancellor not declared Mak’vegh an outlaw and renegade, it could have worked—it might still make those who follow him reconsider on whether or not today is a good day to die. But the Chancellor has made his decree, and Mak’vegh has nothing left to return to. He will throw his Warriors against the ships of Starfleet while he continues on in pursuit once he determines that his quarry is not among those who turn to face him.”

Worf sighed. “Agreed. But will he proceed alone or with some of his ships?”

“Mak’vegh is . . . bold. He will try to defeat those ships which are all that stand between him and Republic; no,” the Klingon officer said as he shook his head. “He will leave them behind to cover his pursuit. Seventeen ships, but mostly older models . . . they will attack your Starfleet, brother, and they will be destroyed. The Boreth might survive, but the rest? They are already lost.”

The Federation ambassador and Starfleet officer turned around and he nodded his agreement to Kurn. “We will bypass the battle as well then—make our course to intercept Republic as rapidly as possible.”

“As you command, brother,” Kurn said with a Klingon smile. “My Warriors are prepare to deal with Mak’vegh once he shows himself.” Kurn turned to go, but he stopped at quiet word from his brother.

“It is good to see you content once again Kurn,” Worf spoke. “I had feared that never again would you know the joy of life.”

“I have my honor, Worf. And I am a Klingon Warrior; you,” Kurn paused, never turning around, “you were correct. It would have been a waste for me to destroy myself for the crimes of Gowron . . . and that mistake I shall never again make. Never again.”

Neither brother spoke for several moments, but then neither needed to. Worf heard the doors to his quarters slide open and then close once more and he continued to watch the stars flash by.
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